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The Psalms and the Legitimacy of Disorientation

Ok. Ok. We tried. We tried to just keep our head down and keep talking about John (continuing in our sermon series, “The Spiritual Gospel”). But many of us, I think, are *feeling* a bit displaced, a bit disappointed, a bit scared. So here are some thoughts on the Psalms.

the restoration project. Joshua James. 3 April 2020

The Farewell Discourse. Week 50. Take Heart, I Have Overcome the World

We are nearing the end of our study of Jesus’ Farewell Discourse. (Only one more teaching to go!) This week, we tackle all sorts of stuff, from the disciples’ failure to understand, to John’s focus on right NOW, to Jesus’ beautiful (and applicable) words of comfort and victory. Along with the disciples, may we also remember to take heart, even in the midst of our uncertain moment … for a Jesus has overcome the world.

the restoration project. Joshua James. 29 March 2020

The Farewell Discourse. Week 49. The World Hates You

This week, we are continuing our (super long) series on the Gospel of John, but because of the recommendation from the CDC to limit the size of public gatherings to less than 10 (due to the spread of the coronavirus), we are producing this video from our home studio. In this teaching, Josh explores Jesus’ warning to his disciples of upcoming opposition and persecution. But … after considering the context of the Gospel of John’s original audience, we have to ask … should *we* expect to be “hated” and “persecuted” too? By whom? How? Why? To what extent?

*You might be surprised by his proposal.*

the restoration project. Joshua James. 22 March 2020

The Exodus and Justice

the restoration project. Joshua James. 1 March 2020

The Spiritual Gospel. Week 47. The Comforter, the Advocate, the Spirit (Suzi Peterson)

the restoration project. Suzi Peterson. 23 February 2020

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