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MLK Sunday. Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Instead of preaching *about* MLK and his message, we decided to read a (very very slightly abridged) version of his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” The abridgment, sadly, was unintentional. (NOTE: Don’t trust the first hit you get.)

If you want to read the FULL transcript, click here.

Seven Years —A Retrospect and a Go Go

TRP TURNS SEVEN! In this talk, Josh discusses some of TRP’s big wins of the last year, some of his insecurities, and then provides a vision of who we are and what we are about.

Another Isaiah Sermon. Isaiah 63

In the last sermon of the year, we are talking about prayer and lament. Perhaps an odd way to send out the year, but it’s an important topic. How are you praying? What are you lamenting? Are we, like the ancient psalmists and prophets, turning to trust?

Advent 2019. Week 04. Isaiah 7

This week, we’re digging in to the ancient Near Eastern context of Isaiah 7. We usually read the virgin birth prophecy of Jesus through the lens provided by Matthew…but when we do, we miss some stuff. Brace yourselves.

Advent 2019. Week 02. Isaiah 11

Week 2 of Advent brings us to Isaiah’s vision for an idealized ruler and their effect on the cosmos. It’s a grand vision of what *should be* and what, through Jesus, will be brought to bear.

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