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What's up, TRP Students! We're glad you found us.

Now that Ms. Shannon is leading our TRP Kids, we have some folks who can focus on you, our beloved Middle and High School students.

We know that's a big age range ... 5th grade to 12th grade. (Yikes.) Chances are, our middle schoolers are facing different challenges than our high schoolers. We are going to do our best to hit both of you some Bible-y, Jesus-y, live your best life-y (while also being honest about the world we live in-y) stuff.

Videos aside, we want you to know we care ... and that we are here ... and that if you're wresting with something or struggling with something, we got you.

Students, you are a huge part of TRP. Don't ever forget it. In the weirdness of COVID, we miss seeing your faces, and we are excited to connect in this way.

Drop us a line if you need anything!

Pastor Josh is a huge nerd. And he likes to talk about the Old Testament. So he's putting a little series together on some of the oldest stories in the Bible (well, these stories weren't written first, but they focus on the oldest *things* like the BEGINNING OF THE WORLD).

If it's new stuff and it's freaking you out a bit, talk to your folks or email Pastor Josh your questions!

Here are some other videos in the series: