the restoration project is an 8 year old church plant located in Salisbury, MD, affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

We began meeting in a home a few blocks away from Salisbury University in January 2013.

We tried to be authentic in our relationships. We attempted to build community and be present for each other. We prayed. We shared. We confessed. We asked questions. We nursed wounds. We learned. We worshipped. We matured. We asked more questions.

By God’s grace, we experienced some growth over the first couple of months, which led to our decision to rent the facilities at Bethany Lutheran Church in March 2013. The leaders and members of Bethany were extremely hospitable. They graciously afforded us space to grow, to develop an identity, to raise up leaders, to install members, to baptize new believers, and to witness God's movement in the life of the good times and bad.

TRP. Bethany bw

In the winter of 2015, we decided to move to our current location, Asbury United Methodist Church. This was prompted, again, by a lack of space. Asbury is located only a few blocks south from Bethany, and it practically sits on the campus of SU. It is old and big and absolutely stunning. Asbury's leadership and members have also been hospitable, gracious, and overly generous - a true testament to God’s goodness. We are very thankful that the local church can work together, and we are consistently humbled by the fact that they have been willing to take a chance on us.

In our youth as a church, we are excited about the potential, about the possibilities, about what’s next. We continue to be committed to authenticity and transparency and availability. We still pray and confess and ask questions. And this has led to an expectancy that God will continue to restore - our families, our friends, this city, this region, and ultimately, the world.

Join us.